Wednesday, January 11, 2006

True.....1/2 True.......False

Where do we imagine the line exists between fiction and nonfiction? Not quite where we used to believe we did, it appears.

And then there's the question about what we *claim* about what we write. Some of us seem to use a bit more poetic license than others....

On the other hand, how much of our personal memories "are" true, half-true or false? How much of what we *know* turns out false when examined more closely?

For much of my life, I had a vivid memory of playing "circus" with my siblings, especially one moment where they put me in a "cage" of chicken wire and I pretended to be a lion. One day years later, I came across a photo from that day, depicting this vivid memory exactly as I remembered it. Did I "really" remember it or had I only seen the photo at some point and converted THAT experience into a personal memory? How many other of my vivid personal memories qualify as borrowed, triggered or implanted?

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