Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who do you think you "are"?

Paul Newman died today. I read some quotes from interviews he did and once really stuck out:

The light that you think you emanate is not necessarily the light that other people see.

At times like this, I realize that most of the valuable notions in general semantics do not represent radical, unheard of perspectives that no one ever thought before, although perhaps no one had ever pulled the ideas together and systematized them as Korzybski did.

Newman lived a highly challenging, varied life full of opportunities and advantages. This quote clearly says, to me, that no matter who YOU think you are, others see you differently.

We know this because we understand non-identity and to-me-ness and all the other gs formulations.

I think he knew this because he had the good sense to learn from his experiences, and apparently he learned the wisdom of relativity.