Monday, December 13, 2010

Who will Reframe the Reframers for Us?

In this report on people in the "stigmatized" role of debt collector, researcher Madeleine McKechnie found that reframing the way they describe their work helped these workers feel more positive and therefore stay in their jobs longer. They called themselves financial counselors or information detectives or negotiators. These substitutions in wording help them change their self-image and give them a way to feel helpful rather than predatory.

The researcher notes that "Not a lot of research looks at these professions that are necessary for a functioning society."

In the comments section after the report, one wag noted:

The author is using the phrase "functioning society" as a substitute for more accurate words so she can feel positive about the validity of her conclusions and continue disseminating propaganda as is necessary to maintain her role in a "functioning society."

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