Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here's Something About General Semantics

A new e-book, titled "Here's Something About General Semantics", recently hit the web and I'd say that the author has the requisite gs teaching experience to back up his abstractions. Steve Stockdale has studied gs since 1979, and has taught the subject extensively, both in his position as trustee and later as Executive Director of the Institute of General Semantics, and as an adjunct professor in the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU.

Steve has compiled a readable and reasonable introduction to the basics of general semantics, derived from his extensive reading and study of the subject. He includes extensive video clips and well-organized teaching materials, as well as articles he published in ETC, as well as local and national news outlets.

The book reflects his penchant for well organized information, and admirably conveys his conviction that learning Something about General Semantics can help anybody reduce their misperceptions and mistakes and increase their communication skills. I agree with that conviction, and I find Stockdale's book the best introduction to gs I've come across.

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