Saturday, April 14, 2001

What People Do with Symbols and Signs

One side: Wall Street Journal Article About Canadian Cigarette Warning Labels
And the other:
Graphic new cigarette pack warnings are spawning a cottage industry Health Canada never intended. Some companies are manufacturing cardboard covers smokers can use to replace the colour images of rotting gums and teeth, lung cancer and heart disease now on certain brands. The mock covers, available in Nova Scotia for about a week, depict images far less grisly than the Health Canada images and warnings, which by law must take up 50 per cent of each pack. One mock cover - manufactured by a Quebec company called Cigarette Cover - shows a yellow smiley face with the caption It's Cool! Others by that company depict a flower below the caption Bla Bla Bla . . . Bla Bla!; a smiling sun with the words Wind, Fire, Earth, Water; a skull and crossbones with the caption Smoking Preserves Meat; and a picture of a marijuana plant with the warning Marijuana is not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes. March 1, 2001 The Halifax Herald Limited

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